Commissioner Releases Draft Order To Team Owners And Public

Des Moines, IA - Commissioner Brian Price announced the draft order and proceedings for the draft yesterday. The Commissioner also made a few statements when questioned.

"All the owners have been briefed on how the draft will go and what the order the teams will be in for drafting. In the innagural expansion draft, the draft format will be what is called "snake" for example, Iowa will have the the #1 pick in the first round, however, they will have the last pick in the second round. Then they'll be the first in the third round again, and then last again in the fourth, and so on."

The commissioner also commented on how the draft will not be done online, like innitially anticipated. "When I talked with most of the owners, they felt an automated draft would be the best way to go. And when I spoke with CBS Sportsline, they wern't sure they could fully hold us all, so I've decided that my staff will do an automated draft."

The automated draft will take place August 12th, the commissioner said that all owners have been alerted to the fact they need to rank players and rank the rounds in which they want certain positions taken. "I'm sure this provides a little confusion and will take a little effort on the owner's part, but I think they'll be able to handle it and all the confusion that comes with it. And they have an entire week to get it right. But then there is the those owners who might not check their e-mail (The Official Communication System Of The F3L) often enough and if that should happen. We have a plan for taking care of that.