Draft Postponed Till August 21

Owners Take Time To Make Adjustments

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada - Draft Manager Phillip Wiebe announced yesterday that the League Draft has been postponed, due to conflicts in schedule.

"It was not my wish to have to reschedule the Draft, and I fought hard to keep it as previously planned, but now in the end it has become apparent that there is no other way. I will be out-of-town, and the Draft will not be able to run on the day that had previously been planned." Wiebe said.

With that withstanding, Wiebe continued on to talk about when the draft date was reschedule for, August 21, and how the date for draft trading and sending in scouting reports would also change to August 19.

The Commissioner stated that he may not be there on time. He has a meeting at 7:30 that will be over by 8:30.