Finally All Controversy Officially Put To Rest

Draft Order Released

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada - At the official draft headquarters of the F3L, league Draft Manager SyPhi released the draft order to the owners of the league.

Here's how the order was selected.

Two owners were asked to help SyPhi out, ChrisCreamer of the Toronto Yorks, and GMS1122 of the Erie Edge. I asked them to select 16 colours, and tell me what they were. Then, without telling me, they were to associate a team to every colour. Meanwhile, I made 16 equal-sized slips of paper, and wrote a colour name on the slip in the corresponding colour. The slips were then folded in half, and all placed in a large, stainless steel mixing bowl, for no suitable (large enough) hat was available. Then, from the bowl, I randomly selected 1 (one) slip of paper at a time, and reported the colour that was on the slip to both Chris and Greg simultaneously (via the MSN Instant Messenger service). After all 16 slips had been drawn, ChrisCreamer and GMS1122 sent me both the file that showed which team corresponded with which colour, as well as the colour and team orders they had compiled.

And after all that, the winner of the first pick is SyPhi's very own Winnipeg Winterhawks, though a little joking was made over the fact that the draft manager's own team got the number one pick, no owners had made any question to the honestly of SyPhi, ChrisCreamer, and GMS1122.

The official order for Rounds 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 is:

1. Winnipeg WinterHawks
2. Cleveland Steamers
3. Napa Valley ThunderCats
4. Moose Jaw Mercury
5. Toronto Yorks
6. Seattle Submariners
7. Erie Edge
8. Stratford Sound Tigers
9. Space City Sentinals
10. Fargo Bobcats
11. Anchorage Moose
12. West Michigan Werewolves
13. Columbus Capitols
14. Wisconsin Warriors
15. Iowa Mad Cows
16. St Louis Stallions

Now as you can see, the teams whose extra chances were nixed by the Commish a couple days ago, saw there first round draft spots come out at #15 for Iowa (The Commissioners own team) and #16 for St. Louis (Who's owner, STL FANATIC, came up with the original idea for the F3L).

However, those two teams will have the top two draft picks in the second, fourth, sixth, eighth, and tenth rounds.

Here is the reverse order for Rounds 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10:

Draft Order 2 (the exact reversal of the results of the Draft Lottery)
effective Rounds 2, 4, 6, 8, 10
1. St Louis Stallions
2. Iowa Mad Cows
3. Wisconsin Warriors
4. Columbus Capitols
5. West Michigan Werewolves
6. Anchorage Moose
7. Fargo Bobcats
8. Space City Sentinals
9. Stratford Sound Tigers
10. Erie Edge
11. Seattle Submariners
12. Toronto Yorks
13. Moose Jaw Mercury
14. Napa Valley ThunderCats
15. Cleveland Steamers
16. Winnipeg WinterHawks