CFA Adds Iron Range and Kansas City

Iron Range grabs Moose Jaw's roster while Kansas City gets Seattle's old team.

Des Moines, IA - The CFA, upon learning that Moose Jaw and Seattle would not be joining them for their second season of competition, opened their vacant spots up to allow the Iron Range Invaders and Kansas City Dynamos into the league.

The Invaders will be under the command of Sean McMongie. The Dynamos will be lead by Zachary Kutilek.

"We are pleased that we were able to get these teams added in the short period of time it took us to do this." Commissioner Brian Price said in a press-conference announcing the new teams. "Now that we're back to the full 16 teams, we can proceed with other matters, including rearranging our divisions to accomodate these new teams."

The Dynamos will be coached by Gump Daniels and play their home games in the Hostess Twinkie Bowl. The Invaders are going to be coached by Mike Grant and will play their home games in the 3M Armory.