CFA Adds Arizona And East Pennsylvannia In First Moves

Arizona takes place of Columbus and East Pennsylvannia inherits West Michigan's spot.

Des Moines, IA - The CFA welcomed it's first teams into the league as the CFA with the addition of the Arizona Cobras and East Pennsylvannia Coal Miners.

Arizona fills in the space where Columbus once stood and will inherit Columbus' roster as well. East Pennsyvlannia will do the same for West Michigan.

Mike Towers will press the buttons for the Arizona franchise while J. Quincy King will call the shots for the Coal Miners. Both seemed excited about being a part of the league.

"I'm sure they're excited as our we to have them in our league." Commissioner Brian Price commented. "Arizona is a fresh young face and we've gotten a wonderful team in the Coal Miners from a now defunct league, which we see as a great gain to our terrific league."