Week One Recaps

By Patrick Price

Cleveland Steamers (0-1) @ Iowa Mad Cow (1-0)

It took a lot, but the Mad Cow are off to a 1-0 start this season. After winning their opener in dramatic fashion. Going into Monday night all they need was a touchdown, saftey, sack, or some form of turnover from the Pittsburgh Defense to secure the win. And the Steelers D took their sweet time getting there, waiting until the end of the first half before Kimo von Oelhoffen finally brought down Tom Brady for Pittsburgh's only sack of the game. That capped a 21-18 victory as the the Steelers D was torched for 30 points, but added a fumble recovery for a 4 point night. "That was a good one, the defense pulled it out for us." Said a relieved Vince Lombardi.

Toronto Yorks (0-1) @ Fargo Bobcats (1-0)

What a game this proved to be. Fargo was all but out of it trailing 34-8 going into Monday night, but with two players left in Adam Viniteri and the New England D, there was still hope, and hope there was. As Viniteri and the D amounted for 33 combined points, the Patriot D getting 23 of those points for a exciting 42-34 win for the Bobcats who were all but presumed dead going into Monday night.

Space City Sentinels (1-0) @ Napa Valley Thundercats (0-1)

The Sentinels cruised to 40-27 win following a 40-17 lead before heading into Monday night. Every player on the Space City starting lineup scored. Lead by the Miami Dolphins D with 14 points. Ricky Williams added 6 points, Aaron Brooks 5, and Ed McCaffrey with 4. Tom Brady and Jason Elam amounted for 19 points, but it wasn't enough to save the Thundercats from defeat. "There will be changes if we lose next week." A disgruntled Kevin Warner. "I'm sure management feels the same way."

Anchorage Moose (0-1) @ Winnipeg Winterhawks (1-0)

The Winnipeg Winterhawks were officially the first team to win a game in the F3L. Closing out their game with the Anchorage Moose on Sunday leading 24-17 with the Moose out of players and the Winterhawks with Joey Galloway still having to play. Galloway added 5 points that night and it was a n official 29-17 win for the Winterhawks. "It was an encouraging outing... our passing game wasn't quite firing on all cylinders, but our running game really picked it up for us." Commented head coach Dave Ritchie following the win.

Statford Sound Tigers (0-1) @ St. Louis Stallions (1-0)

For this week at least, the 34-10 win posted by the Stallions stands as the biggest win in the short history of the F3L. Behind Bill Gramatica's 10 points and Curtis Conway and the Rams defense each totalling 6 points, the Stallions dominated the the Sound Tigers from the get go. The Sound Tigers managed four blanks by Doug Flutie, Jerome Bettis, Kevin Dyson, and Roland Williams to hinder their scoring attack.

Columbus Capitols (0-1) @ West Michigan Werewolves (1-0)

Naughty, naughty Columbus. After failing to turn in their roster, West Michigan only needed 8 points to win the game, officially the lowest point total in F3L history. The Werewolves accumulated four goose eggs while getting only four points from Brian Griese to lead their team to the victory over the no-show Capitols.

Erie Edge (0-1) @ Wisconsin Warriors (1-0)

In the closest game of the F3L season, the Warriors escaped with a 29-28 victory as Plaxico Burress failed to score Monday night in the Steelers-Patriots game. Tennesse's D scored 14 points, but zeros from Corey Dillion and Plaxico Burress proved to be the Edge's downfall.

Moose Jaw Mercury (1-0) @ Seattle Submariners (0-1)

Seattle failed to get their roster in on time, and the Mercury got a 20-0 charity win as a result. Peyton Manning lead the attack with a 8 point effort as everyone else managed to score with the Cincinnati D being the exception to the statement, racking up -2 points.

Stats And Figures Divison Results East Divison: 1-3 North Divison: 4-0 South Divison: 2-2 West Divison: 1-3 Leading Scorer New England Patriots Defense (23) Most Points (Team) Fargo Bobcats (42) Game Of The Week Toronto - 34 Fargo - 42