Week Two Recaps

By Patrick Price

Record Following Weekend Play In Parenthesis

Fargo Bobcats (2-0) @ Iowa Mad Cow (1-1)

Oy, will someone please put a leash on the New England Patriots Defense? And that Adam Viniteri kid? And what about Drew Bledsoe? They all scored double-digits to lead the Fargo Bobcats to the 59-13 demolishing of the Iowa Mad Cow. The Patriot D broke the record they set in week one with a 30 point effort this week, while Drew Bledsoe scored 12 and Viniteri scored 11 for the Bobacts. And for the Mad Cow, it was a disappointing loss following last week's thriller against Cleveland.

St. Louis Stallions (2-0) @ Columbus Capitols (0-2)

For the second week in a row the Columbus Capitols have failed to show up, forcing Commisioner Brian Price to evict Burning Rive and his managerial staff for a replacement yet to be appointed. So it was just a free day for St. Louis who scored 25 points lead by Daunte Culpepper's game high 11 points.

Napa Valley Thundercats (1-1) @ Anchorage Moose (0-2)

Anchorage was in position to win, but unfortunately, the Washington Redskins D was headed in the wrong direction. The Skins D scored -6 points, eliminating any chance the Moose had at winning. The Thundercats only had three players score, but in the end, they needed only two of them for the win, 20-10.

Winnipeg Winterhawks (2-0) @ Wisconsin Warriors (1-1)

Once again, the Warriors got involved in a close battle, this time though, coming up on the short end, 31-28, after winning 29-28 against Erie last week. The Winterhawks trailed 28-13 going into Monday night's game with Philly's D still remaining for the Warriors, and the lead the Warrios had built behind Chicago's Defense's 17 points just wasn't enough as the Eagles D scored 18 points to pull the Winterhawks out in front for the win.

Toronto Yorks (0-2) @ Cleveland Steamers (1-1)

You have to feel for the Toronto Yorks as well, last week, they had a 34-8 lead on Fargo when Fargo came back to win 42-34, and this week, Cleveland gets 14 points from Oakland's Defense to pull out the win 30-24. Leaving York officials to scratch their head and wonder what it takes for this team to pull one out. Next week should provide an good oppertunity for the Yorks, who bring West Michigan into Toronto, the Werewolves are 1-1 to start the season, with there only victory coming in a forfeit by Columbus.

West Michigan Werewolves (1-1) @ Stratford Sound Tigers (1-1)

Defense was key in this game, West Michigan's may have scored more than Stratford's, but Stratford's supporting cast was able to out-duel West Michigan's, as the Sound Tigers pulled it out, 29-27, behind Dallas D's 15 points. Tampa Bay's D scored 22 points for the Werewolves, but the Werewolves had 4 blanks to go with Brian Griese's 4 points and Torry Holt's 1.

Moose Jaw Mercury (2-0) @ Space City Sentinels (1-1)

The Sentinels seemed to slip a gear following last week's big win over Napa Valley, but this week they only managed 17 points in a 27-17 loss to Moose Jaw. Moose Jaw trailed 17-16 going into Monday night, where Chad Lewis didn't catch a pass and David Akers scored 11 points for the Mercury win.

Seattle Submariners (0-2) @ Erie Edge (1-1)

What a game! Not really. Erie only managed five points and are lucky they drew Seattle for this week as they were team number two to have management kicked out this week after they failed to get their lineup in for the second week in a row. Lucky for Erie, because they only scored 5 points, a new record for the F3L in it's second week. Things got scary though as Erie dipped into negative figures following the Jet's -6 point performance against New England.

Stats And Figures Divison Results East Divison: 2-2 North Divison: 2-2 South Divison: 2-2 West Divison: 2-2 Leading Scorer New England Patriots Defense (30) Most Points (Team) Fargo Bobcats (59) Game Of The Week Stratford - 29 Wisconsin - 27