Week Three Recaps

By Patrick Price

Record Following Weekend Play In Parenthesis

Iowa Mad Cow (2-1) @ Stratford Sound Tigers (1-2)

The Iowa Mad Cow showed they could rebound following last week's big time loss to Fargo. The Mad Cow bounced back to beat the off-on Sound Tigers 31-13 to up their record to 2-1 behind the bye week add San Deigo Charger D, who lead all scorers with 24 points.

Columbus Capitals (0-3) @ Fargo Bobcats (3-0)

Well, the Capitals have gotten a new owner in BoSoxAndMets2002, but it appears he hasn't quite mastered the technique of sending in his lineup. It's a shame too, because Fargo appeared mortal after putting up 111 points in the first two games, managing only 10 points in the 10-0 win.

Erie Edge (1-2) @ Napa Valley Thundercats (2-1)

After dropping their opening game of the season, the Thundercats have pulled off two good victories to pull their record to 2-1 following a 29-26 clipping off the now 1-2 Erie Edge, who seem to have the the fortune of being just barely out-scored, now having lost their two loses by point differentials of 1 and now 3.

Winnipeg Winterhawks (2-1) @ Moose Jaw Mercury (3-0)

In a battle of the unbeatens, it was a good game as expected, but the Moose Jaw Mercury prevailed 24-21 to remain undefeated and join Fargo as the only undefeated teams left in the F3L three weeks into the season. Aside from the Philidelphia D scoring 19 points, the Winterhawks couldn't get much offense going to counter David Aker's 11 points, Peyton Mannings 7 points, and the Green Bay Packer's D scoring 8.

St. Louis Stallions (2-1) @ Cleveland Steamers (2-1)

Cleveland won their second straight game after the week one thriller to Iowa by handing St. Louis it's first loss of the season, 21-6. The Stallions D found the going tough against Mike Vanderjagt's 11 points and the rest of the Steamers, who seem to be moving right along, keeping pace in the high-powered North Division.

West Michigan Werewolves (1-2) @ Toronto Yorks (1-2)

Once again, the Yorks had a gigantic lead going into Monday night, and would you believe, they blew it again? This time though, the Yorks were a little ore fortunate, coming out on the winning side 46-45 in overtime, going to Brett Farve's three touchdown passes to put the Yorks in the win column and prevent the Werewolves from hanging on to a share of the lead in the East Divison. The Werewolves behind the Buccaneer's Defense's 29 points on Monday night, came storming back from 42-13 defecit to tie it up and send it overtime where Brett Farve came through for the Yorks in one of the most exciting games this young season and producing the first overtime in F3L history.

Wisconsin Warriors (1-2) @ Space City Sentinels (2-1)

The Sentinels got back to where they were in week one against Napa Valley, showing off their high powered offense behind Aaron Brook's 11 points and the Miami Dolphins D's 19 points to get victory number two in the young season and allow the Sentinels to grab a share of the South Division lead following the Stallions loss.

Seattle Submariners (0-3) @ Anchorage Moose (1-2)

The battle of the winless West Division teams coming in ending in a 24-16 win for Anchorage and the first loss for PixelWizard who took over control of the team this past week. Olindo Mare's 11 points for Anchorage added to every other member of his team scoring over-powered Donovan McNabb's 12 points for Seattle as the Moose spoiled PixelWizard's debut and picked up their first win.

Stats And Figures Divison Results East Divison: 1-3 North Divison: 2-2 South Divison: 2-2 West Divison: 3-1 Leading Scorer Tampa Bay Bucaneers Defense (29) Most Points (Team) Toronto Yorks (46) Game Of The Week Toronto - 46 West Michigan - 45