On Eve Of Draft; Warner And Faulk Comment On Possibly Being #1 Pick

St. Louis, MO - On the eve of the first ever F3L draft, Kurt Warner and Marshall Faulk sat down for a moment to discuss the possibility of either one of them being the #1 pick ever in the F3L, and with Winnipeg holding the first pick, how much it would mean for them to be picked by Winnipeg in the first round.

"It's awesome." Said Warner. "You can't help but feel the electricity surrounding this league, I have no doubt it's going to be a great success."

When asked who wants to be number one more, Faulk was first to answer, "No doubt both of us want to be the number one pick in the first ever F3L draft, but to us, it dosn't really matter which one of us goes first, or for that matter if either one of us does go first, you never know, Wiebe has a mind of his own, he could pick someone else, there are about 20 other guys who could be number one on his list."


 "You can't help but feel the electricity surrounding this league."    "Anyone of like 10 names could be called."

"But seriously, who dosn't wanna finish first?" Continued Faulk "I mean, nobody likes to loose, but this isn't exacly a competition, and there's no way to control how you do finish."

"It would be a great honor, and a great achievement in itself for whoever gets picked first. And as soon as Wiebe steps out and announces which position he's taking first, and one of us will continue to hold our breath or one of us will let it out."

"And when the running back position is choosen, whether it be first, second, or even the third round, any of like 10 names could be called. You've got a bunch of talented guys who could easily be the number one pick in the running back round." Said Faulk.

"And it's the same way with the quarter back position." Added Warner. "Anyone could be number one when the QB position is taken, Brett [Favre], Tom [Brady], Michael [Vick], David [Carr], those last two may not be big names right now, but they're going to get a lot of opportunities to throw the ball this year, and I'm pretty sure they've both been named starters."

"One things for sure," Warner continued. " Both of us would be very humbled if we were the number one pick in either the first, second, or third, or whatever round our position is taken."

Prepare to be humbled.

Patrick Price

F3L Reporter